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Krishna’s Butterball !!

Do you know anything about Krishna’s Butterball ??


The original name, Vaan Irai Kal, according to the Atlas Obscura, translates from Tamil as “Stone of Sky God”. It is a gigantic boulder [6 Mtr. X 5 Mtr.] resting on a short incline in the historical town of South India. The 250 ton rock stands on a slope, and is said to have been at the same place for 1200 years. Local people says Lord Krishna often stole butter from his mother’s butter handi – (Stated over at Hindu mythology) which may have a reason for the name of the boulder.

Krishna's Butterball

A part of the boulder has eroded away, making it look like a half-spherical rock. It is said that the Indian Tamil king Raja Raja Chola was inspired by the balance of this massive stone boulder and it led to the creation of never falling mud dolls called Tanjavur Bommai, which having a half-spherical base tends to come back to its original position every time one tries to make it fall.

Interesting. Isn’t it??