khorlo tours & travels (p) ltd is a proactive travel organisation in Indian tourism industry for the last 24 years. we are a professionally managed closely held agency and the management control is vested with the first generation promoter entrepreneurs. transaction level operations are executed by a team of professionally qualified professionals, who are well versed with the complexities of travel & tourism trade. our guest service team is well aware and equipped to cater to requirements of various market segments and understands the nuances of tourism in india. khorlo tours & travels (p) ltd is an extension of our travel initiative providing the travellers interested in visiting India, all travel services under one roof.

khorloholidays is the travel site that gives the users the best deals possible. that’s not all, several consumers today can plan entire vacations by just logging on to our website. khorlo tours & travels (p) ltd has everything that one needs to know about going on a trip to one destination. a corporate culture of putting people first has given us the edge and made us first among equals we stand tall among the herd. being different from the rest.

Established In The Year 1994, Khorlo Tours & Travels Is Well Known As A Pioneer Tour Operator Cum Travel Agent Based Both Over At Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya & Bhutan By A Group Of Most Efficient And Experienced Professionals Ably Supported By Our Team Of Specialized Guides & Staffs In This Ever-Growing Tourism Industry Of Eastern India. With our head office at kolkata and associates / branches at major tourist destinations we assure quality service, detailed briefing and best attention to our guests, avoiding expensive long distance calls and delays in settling any issues.



Having Offices Both Places At Kolkata & Gangtok, Khorlo Tours & Travels (P) LTD Seriously Respond To The Guest’s Valued Advice And Views To Ensure Their Comfort. According To The Global Eco-Tourism And Bio-Diversity Guidelines, Khorlo Develop, Promote & Also Market Tourist Destinations With A Transparent Business Policy With Numerous Travel Partners That Ensure Our Guests A Personalized Service, Accurate Informations On Tour Details And A True Value Of Money. Customer’s Desire Is The Last Say To Khorlo And We Act Accordingly As ‘Statesman’ Wrote, “Khorlo Boys Have More Heart Than Head”.

Our Range Of Services Include Conceptualizing, Planning And Executing Innovative Programmes And Themed Events To Meet Clients’ Objectives, Providing All Necessary Support Services Such As Transportation And Accommodation And Attending To Every Minute Detail To Ensure The Success Of The Programmes. Always Be Sure Of Quick Response From Us.

Khorlo Not Only Provides Technology And Travel Services, But Also Helps The Clients To Make Best Choices For Their Travel Programs. From Benchmarking, Industry Research And Procurement Support Khorlo Consulting Team Can Also Help You To Make Right Choices For Meeting Your Program Goals.


Khorlo Tours & Travels (P) LTD is associated and recognised by

  • Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC)
  • Odisha Forest Department (Ecotour Odisha)
  • Dept. of Tourism, Govt.of West Bengal
  • West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDCL)
  • Benfish In Tourism (Fisheries Dept. Govt.of West Bengal)
  • Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC)
  • Telengana Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC)
  • Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL)
  • Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation (MSTDC)
  • Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC)
  • Jammu Kasmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC)
  • Tripura Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC)



  • IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators)
  • ADTOI (Association of Domestic Tour Operaters of India)
  • Travel Agents Association of Bengal (TAAB)
  • Travel Agents Association of Sikkim (TAAS)



  • Air Ticketing (Both Domestic & International)
  • Ground Handling Operation / B2B Operation
  • All India Hotel, Resort, Home Stay Reservation
  • Inland Transport Booking & Site Seeing Planning
  • Adventure Tours As Trekking, Rafting, Trailing
  • Educational Excursion, Botanical Tour, Nature & Adventure Camp
  • Tea Tourism By Tea Garden Safari
  • Jungle Safari With Bird, Butterfly & Bugs Watching Tours
  • River Cruise On Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve
  • Itinerary Planning & Route Consultation
  • Events As Conferences, Seminars, Dealers Meet, Product Launch
  • Location Hunting For Film / Advertisement Shooting
  • Tours On Photography, Craft-Culture-Cuisine, Heritage Segments




  • By exploring unpopular travel destinations, you can have a unique trip experience
  • Avoid leaving negative marks on the local culture, economy & environment factors
  • Turn off electrical items & unplug all household appliances while roaming outside & save energy
  • Utilize public transport which is more enjoyable & sustainable way to know the local ambience
  • Choose locally produced food – snacks items which are much tastier & more sustainable option
  • Try to refill your water bottle. It is better than buying packaged plastic containers everytime
  • Use minimum amount of water needed for shower, don’t let water run while shaving, brushing
  • Reuse your towel & bed sheet by requesting the staffs not to change them every day
  • Utilize options that do not require batteries. Go for solar / rechargeable batteries if possible
  • Ask about environmental policies & ask the staffs whether they support any community projects
  • Return used plastic bottles, wrappers, foil pacs, etc waste on your way back to home
  • Learn a few words in local language & use them while traveling. Experience the difference
  • Read up on local conventions & dress properly. In major cases modest dress is preferred
  • Be respectful to the other’s privacy. Ask for permission before entering any private places
  • Be sensitive to when & where you take photo or video of local people. Always ask first
  • Always follow the designated trails. Support conservation. Never harass animals
  • Buy local handicrafts but never encourage products made from endangered animals
  • Don’t engage in aggressive bargaining for souvenirs. Do not short-change on tips for services
  • Do not encourage beggers. Try to donate to a proper charity home after checking their work
  • Enrich your experience & support the local economy. Ask for local & licensed guides


The existing pattern of energy use and demand is now a global concern not only due to its impact on climate but also due to their exhaustive nature. Renewable energy is therefore creating a lot of excitement in terms of meeting energy demands and reducing environmental impact. Alternatives such as bio-fuel, wind, solar, biomass has a great potential for ensuring sustainable growth. However, these alternatives have a huge impact on biodiversity which is a cause of concern for conservation biologists. One of the major reasons for dwindling forest cover is the increasing demand for fuel wood. This has a massive impact on the nation’s forests and biological diversity. Many villages in India still don’t have access to electricity Numerous wind farms have been set up in India however; their environmental impact has never been assessed. Bio-fuels present the best ever opportunity to promote sustainable natural resource management and conservation of underutilized and valuable biodiversity. Biodiversity is a central issue to be considered in the production, distribution and consumption of energy – now and in the future.

Each household can use one solar lantern. A solar charging station will do the main work. The project aims to reduce the local people’s acute dependency on a costly fuel- Kerosene. Solar lanterns can be used as less expensive alternate for light, smokeless, bright & efficient, unlike kerosene. Whereas, it is a boon to the students to continue studies after dark, the elders have started using these lamps for vigilance of agricultural land in night.

Research, Restoration& Documentation on works of artists in different rural artforms in india based on craft, culture, tradition, rituals, heritage, cuisine, local livelihood etc

Awareness program on Consumer rights, Bad Effects of Child Marriage, Anti Human Trafficking,   with the rural people of india

Publishing Handbooks, Documentation through filming on same as an awareness Tool

Economic Empowerment – direct monetary support to the villagers

Health Related Programs, skill empowerment programs for the women & children

Creating detailed database for fair-festival happenings & evaluate scope of tourism there

Awareness programs to tourists/travelers with slide shows, film shows, seminars, interactive sessions, talk shows, cultural events etc

Creating Detailed Database on service providers in tourism industry of india based on Accommodation / Transport / Packages / etc

Corporate Conservation Program

Discovering heritage monuments that can be used as tourist attraction thus maintain a balance between over & less populated tourist destinations.

Documentation of folk songs / tales / traditions from rural areas & also safeguarding authenticity of these cultural heritages from continuous deformation through ages.


The Rural Areas – The vast lands, covered with unspoiled greenery are spilled everywhere in these parts that give you a feeling of unbounded joy. Not only has a treat for the eyes, such places taught us all something about our past – the rural traditions, culture, cuisine, crafts, local livelihood style etc etc. The main attraction lies with the handmade work of the villagers (artisans).


Conservation of Community: Support Community based tourism as a mentor through model design, operation support & research. Work with some of the world’s poorest communities to develop conservation and alternative income initiatives to protect biodiversity and  livelihoods. The results will help govt & non govt organizations to propose new ideas to benefit different communities everywhere.

Conservation of Environment: Cutting-edge research and an innovative approach to engaging communities in conservation of mangroves. There is a scope in sundarbans.  This is how we will attract sustainable finances to benefit local communities and protect mangrove ecosystems throughout Sundarbans. Aims to demonstrate the conservation of biological diversity through the active participation of local communities combined with the use of research techniques.

Conservation of Energy: Energy demand in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.8% over the next 20 years. Most of the energy requirements are currently being satisfied by fossil fuels, whereas the rural population still largely depends on fuel wood for basic energy needs. On one hand rapid economic development and its escalating demand for fossil fuels is creating the need for alternatives. On the other hand, rural populations are still dependant on fire wood as a basic energy source.


Peace is a very subjective topic and is not simply the absence of direct violence associated with war. It is also about the elimination of structural violence associated with inequality, injustice and unsustainable development. Outcomes of corporatized forms of tourism, which appears as a constituent of consumer oriented capitalist globalisation, have been found to be detrimental to indigenous cultures, ecology, and the environment as a whole. Alternative forms of tourism and the establishment of long term peace is a major objective. Alternative tourism, as an element of alternative globalisation, has the potential to establish a consensus on bringing about sustainable global development and peace.