We do lot of researches before planning a holiday.

Arn’t we?? Yessss!!

According to me a guide map is one of the most important things we need for that particular homework. We need to learn the map reading skills which is required to interpret maps. They fall under visual literacy because one needs to get habituated to read images. Map reading requires patience and a sharp approach to comprehend it.

Here we made some maps for you. These presentations do not just show natural features like rivers, cities, political subdivisions, elevation and highways. If you find these items on any of these guide map, they are background information and are used as reference points to enhance the map’s theme.

Are you interested in maps??

If “yes”, then this page may help you. These are only for tourist’s interest (for reference only) and mind it those are not in proper scale.


We have done an extensive research work on the North Eastern Areas of India. Here are some presentations where you can easily understand the journey details – the direction which you may follow. Please go through these Sikkim – Darjeeling routes.


Here are some representations oh Ecotourism Sectors of Sikkim. Go through the post for some maps of such ecotourism zones of Sikkim.


Do you know MONCHASHA ? It’s a rural tourism. Clich here for details.

Map for Monchasha Rural Tourism

Map for Monchasha Rural Tourism


Map for Monchasha Rural Tourism


Lot of maps are yet to come. Follow this blog to get updations. Thank you.

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