Ecotourism in Sikkim

Probably no other state in the Himalaya is more suited to ecotourism development as is Sikkim the land of the mystique! It’s not easy to find Sikkim on the map unless one is specifically looking for it. With its unique location bordering the Kingdom of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and West Bengal, what Sikkim lacks in size is made up in the grandeur of its Himalayan Scenery, the melting snow from the peaks cascades down mountain sides to form numerous waterfalls, rivers and valleys! The true grandeur of Sikkim however is to be discovered in the variety of its Himalayan Flora & scenery. With its elements of nature based tourism highlighting unique natural, floral, faunal & cultural diversity, the IHCAE has now decided to market its unique rural areas to responsible tourists thus improving the welfare of its local communities through active participation in the ecotourism process.

Sikkim Ecotourism with Nilanjan (2)

Sikkim homestays offer an excellent opportunity to observe and understand the life style and customs of local communities and provide an unique opportunity to stay with the local people in their homes. Travelers can witness the everyday life of local communities at close quarters by participating in the day-to-day activities of the host family. Besides, they indicate a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst local communities, ushering a new and sustainable channel for economic benefits.

Sikkim Ecotourism with Nilanjan (1)

For more details of the ecotourism zones of sikkim please click on the following links. 

Sikkim Ecotourism with Nilanjan (4)

Participate in the daily activities of the family, like:

  • Working in the fields, Harvesting, Tilling, Milking
  • Understand the local culture
  • Take short walks around the village
  • Undertake short treks / Nature  Trails
  • Learn to cook local delicacies
  • Bird Watching and Butterfly observation
  • Gather knowledge of local Traditional Heritage
  • Photography Tour
  • Star Watching
Sikkim Ecotourism with Nilanjan (3)

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